Saturday, 21 March 2009

chinese poem

yi wang er san li,

yan cun si wu jia,

man qian liu qi shu,

ba jiu shi zhi hua.

A Chinese classical poem by an anonymus person. Chinese children learn to sing this poem at school. I had also to learn it by heart and to recite it in my uni-class ;) I also found a nice recorded version

一望      yi1 wang4 - give a look
       li3 - a Chinese unit of length
       yan1 - smoke from kitchen chimneys
村        cun1 - village
家        jia1 - household
亭台   ting2tai2 - pavilion
座       zuo4 - a Chinese measure word
枝       zhi1 - a Chinese measure word (for flowers)
      hua1 - flowers

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  1. Chinese metaphors


    Life is like a leaf
    it falls slowly
    facing emptiness


    Death is only a mirror
    reflecting the nature
    of things

    Anna Banasiak