Thursday, 19 March 2009

Chinese measure words

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link to a very nice collection of the most relevant measure words.


 ben3   book, magazine


 tiao2  streets, rivers, scarfs, snakes, ...

 zuo4  bridges, moutain, ...


 zhang1  map, table, bed, other flat, rectangular objects



 shuang1  chopsticks, items that necessarily come in pair

 liang4  car, bicycle, wheeled vehicles












ba3 handful - long and flat objects that can be held (knife dao , scissors jiandao, keys yaoshi)

bao1 package - (package cigarettes , cookies)

bei1 cup - (cup water 杯水, tea 杯茶, coffee 杯咖啡) 

chuang2 set (set of blankets chuang maotan 床毛毯, sheets chuang dan 床单)

ci4 time - (twice a week mei xinqi liang ci 每星期量词)

dai bag - (a bag flour)

duo1 flowers

feng1 (letter)

fu2 (piece of art)

wei4 (persons)

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